Staff Bios

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Hilda Lojas-Parejo DDS

Dr. Hilda Lojas, D.D.S, as a health care professional, has been applying all herknowledge to the care that she provides to her own daughters. It is from her experienceand educational background that the idea of a holistic childcare facility was born. In otherwords, a place where your kids can meet the loving care of a mother, with the knowledgeof a healthcare professional. A place where the educational approach is based on early stimulation therapies, development of individual strengths, individualized education associated to the development of social, visual, cognitive and motor abilities. This s not just another daycare; this is a place where love, care, education and fun come together to provide your child with the required basis to succeed in the future. Now days, there is plenty of scientific evidence to support early stimulation techniques as a way to promote neuronal development.

Through our physical therapiesyour child can develop the maximum genetic potential that he or she was born with. Allof this can be achieved by means of fun activities. Our multilingual team can also provide the basis for your child’s second language learning. As you heard, it is never to early to teach kids a second language (English, Spanish, French and Italian are available).