Philosophy & Values

Over time we have realized that it is very important to learn another language because it may open many doors for our children and provide a better way of life in the society in which we live.

A second language - especially Spanish which is the correct way to call it is Castilian is the most common in many countries –and likely to give a child a great advantage and open doors in both their professional and personal future. However, learning a language is much more than learning to speak it is also important to become familiar with language. Language learning sharpens the chid's ability to pay attention and learn all subjects - including math and English.

My country Colombia is rich in culture and we care about our children skills, not satisfied with just teaching another language, we also want to ensure that our students grow and develop as healthy human beings. We created our own methodology to ensure that each child develops at their own pace, while respecting child's skills on the road, in order to ensure that your child achieves the normal physical, emotional, social, cultural and cognitive skills they need.

As professionals we are concerned aboutthe intellectural, cognitive, social, emotional skills of the child as well as their cultural and physical education. We conduct international festivals where children learn about other countries and Spanish-speaking cultures as well as a daily routine filled with interesting and fun activities: dancing, gymnastics, music, art, cooking, science, theater, daily reading of stories and works of history with puppets.

Everything we do is dedicated to making students grow in all areas of human development. We know that when they leave this Day Care they will do so with a solid foundation for the future, and master a Second Language.